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Singer Simi jokingly responds to swimsuit controversy

                           Singer Simi jokingly responds to swimsuit controversy

Singer Simi jokingly responds to swimsuit controversy

Nigerian singer Simi jokingly responded to criticism for wearing a swimsuit to a pool party. On July 9, 2024, Simi posted a playful video on Instagram to apologize.

In the video, Simi jokingly said, "I went to the pool yesterday and wore a swimsuit, guys, I'm really sorry," adding humorously that she plans to wear a kaftan to future pool parties "as a sign of respect" for her husband.

The singer cleverly turned the situation into an opportunity to promote her music, saying, “If nothing, please stream my album Lost and Found, because I was lost at the pool and now I’m found.”

Simi’s post elicited amusing comments from other celebrities.

Falz commented, “I cannot believe you. And you’re supposed to be a mother figure,” while Teni suggested, “Na damask you for wear.”

The altercation broke out after a video of Simi attending a friend's pool party went viral. While many loved the video, some attacked her for wearing a one-piece swimsuit as a married woman.

related news, Nigerian musician, songwriter and singer, Simisola Kosoko, better known as Simply Simi, made headlines for having too much fun.

singer recently went to the pool with her husband, family and friends to play the popular game "2345678".

she was at the pool, she played the game while wearing her swimming trunks and the video went viral. Critics slammed the mother-of-one for exposing too much of her body during her marriage.

the amazing superstar that she is, Simi made an apology video on social media.

sister Iyanu warned her but she ignored the advice. She apologized for disappointing her followers and explained that next time she goes to the pool she will wear a "kaftan".

also explained that she didn't want to give viewers anything that would make them think negatively about her marriage.

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