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Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria 2024

                                                  Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria 2024

Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria 2024

                                                     Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria

Blogging in Nigeria has taken a different dimension in recent years; giving people platforms to air their views in any matter as well as creating solid business for smart entrepreneurs. 

While some Nigerian bloggers are still struggling to hit the golden jackpot, others are currently enjoying the dot com lifestyle and all the glamor that comes with it.

This list of top 100 blogs in Nigeria is the most complete and the most accurate list you can get anywhere. 

Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria 2024

Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria

In coming up with this ranking, we used Alexa as our major metric but since Alexa ranking can change anytime, we included other factors such as the revenue potential and the blog's influence to it's readers. 

Currently there is no proper distinction between most Nigerian Blogs and Nigerian news websites. It is rather unfortunate that the Nigeria's blogsphare are being dominated by news curatorsin place of true bloggers. 

Until true bloggers begin to emerge, the entertainment and news copy and paste guys will still be considered as bloggers. But when the true bloggers begins to take their place (which I hope soon) these mediocrity will be done away with.

Congratulation if your blog made it to the list and not to worry if yours didn't make it. Put more effort and it's just a matter of time before your blog starts enjoying the wonderful recognition it deserves. 

Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria 2024

Top 100 Blogs In Nigeria

Uche Pedro Founder of and one of the pioneer of blogging revolution in Nigeria 100. Though this blog is still very far in Alexa ranking, it made our top hundred blogs based on it's quality domain name (domain hack) one of the best domain name I've ever seen in Nigeria's blogsphare. 

99. This blog have been there for a very long time and have been able to stick to it's fashion and style niche without deviation. 

98. The all smiling Titilayo Ama is the founder of this blog with amazing future. 

97. Jarus is one of the few Nigerians who are passionate about online and it's not surprising that his blog is one of the top 100 blogs in Nigeria. I see JarusHub becomes one of the top influencing blogs in Nigerian. 

96. Another Linda Ikeji inspired blog. 

95. Just as the name goes, Pakurumo in Nigerian blogging. 

94. One of the upcoming blogs and one of the few Nigerian bloggers who are truly making effort to blog. 

93. Good blog but need a lot of improvements. 

92. Always at it with all sorts of news both real and fake but I like the consistency and the passion. 

91 A super cute blog belonging to a super cute girl. Chidinma is doing really well in her makeup niche. 

90. This is one of the blogs to look out for this year and beyond. Blogging Tips Today is everything a professional blog should be and I give it to Joseph Adediji the young brain behind this blog. It's good to be young, and much more better when you are trying to do something positive with your youthfulness. 

89. I see healthable going places in the nearest future if the owner sticks to his niche and not be tempted by the Nigerian entertainment fad. 

88. Great blog, good content and good domain name to match. 87. This blog always come into my mind quickly because of it's funny name. It's been waxing strong over the years. 

86. Unique blog in a unique niche - this blog is destined for greatness. 

85. One of the best wedding blog in Nigeria 

84. One of the blog where you get all the tips for making good Nigeria meals for everyone that loves good meals. 

83. Another kitchen and stomach friendly blog. This ladies behind these blogs are doing really well. 

82. This Political blog have been around since 2010 

81. Another good entertainment blog in Nigeria. The name sounds like it's a very good place for pepper soup join gossip :D 

80. The only wedding blog that made it to this list. Congratulation to the owners, we see great potential in this blog. 

79. This blog is one of the entertainment blogs in Nigeria with great future and it's already showing. 

78. Amazing tech blog with good posts. This blog is surely challenging strongly in tech niche. 

77. Another entertainment gist blog growing at amazing pace. 

76. A Made in Nigeria entertainment and news blog, positioning itself among the best in the industry. 

75. Another News blog with good content 

74. Sitting on the seventy fifth position on this list is... I think the name betrays the hard work the owner is putting into this blog. A shorter name would have been better. 

73. The owner called it "da informative blog" and I think that's what it is. Currently ranked 83 thousand on Alexa, this blog deserve a place on this list. 

72. Keep your eyes on this blog; it got something positive to offer. 

71. It takes the naked eyes to see this amazing blog. I like it when a blog is friendly to the eyes, I mean when a blog is professionally put together. 

70. Fine blog with great potential 

69. One of the political blogs in Nigeria with the finest prospect, a real political influencing blog. El Rufai is always sharing articles from Omojuwa and I hope to see more of this blog. 

68. The factory where made in Nigeria gist is manufactured 

67. I tend to bite my tongue whenever I try to pronounce this blog's name. Maybe someone could help me out? 

66. Yeah, Naija got all kinds of bloggers including a parrot. Naija parrot is a blog to beat. 

65. Is 1960 chick still a chick? Go to the blog and find out yourselves and more about this 1960 chick blogger. 

64. Dobby is one of the true bloggers we have in Nigeria. She is really creating value with her wonderfully put together tutorials. 

63. Good blog by an intelligent young Nigerian 

62. The owner of this blog have been quietly building serious business for himself through this powerful blog. 

61. Occupying the sixty one position is OneNaijaBlog. This is sure one of the blog that will define the next phase of blogging revolution in Nigeria; glad it made the list at last. 

60. Yet another Linda Ikeji inspired blog, doing well in the entertainment niche. 

59. Entertainment and lifestyle blog belonging to one of the most popular entertainment magazine in Nigeria. 

58. Despite a name that tends to portray this blog as exclusive clude oil niche blog, it actually covers the energy sector including finance and other news. This blog is doing well. 

57. of the good blogs we omitted while making this list. Good the owners pointed it out and it truly deserve a place in this list. This blog is growing at amazing pace and the future can only get brighter. 

56. Kemi Filani is one of the bloggers who have been consistent over the years. A happy blogger she is! 

55. This blog is doing exceedingly well and may do even better. 

54. I considered if there is another blog to replace this blog in this position but there is none. This blog truly deserve a place in the making of top 100 Nigerian blogs. 

53. Number fifty three on this list is Naija Mayor 

52. Nice blog 

51. From the way companies out there patent stuffs, I just hope that UK Telegraph and Yahoo wouldn't come after telegraphNG and one day. 

50. is nothing Yaba in this blog, let alone left. A very good entertainment blog and have been around for a while. 

49. This blog is coming strong. 48. The only news blog belonging to a TV station that made this list. 

47. Does very well to take the forty seventh position on this list. 

46. This olori super blog by olori super gal is making wave on the internet and we hope it continues to greater height. 

45. Technology and entertainment bits combined! Maybe the "O" stands for "Owanbe" which is a Yoruba word that stands for entertainment. 

44. I wouldn't accept this blog is Nigerian eyes until it shows me pictures of the presidential villa in Aso Rock 

43. One of the best blog in Nigeria in terms of design. I just wish other bloggers will start giving their blogs great visual appeal like this blog. 

42. The second biggest tech blog in Nigeria after Techloy. Doncaprio is doing nice job with his blog. 

41. Where else do you want to list a blog that has helped close to 2,000 people start their own business for the first time? Where else do you place a blog that has attracted foreign investors to Nigeria without having to travel round the world with over bloated entourage? We are humbled to be on this list, despite the fact that we compiled it. 

40. One if the industry leaders and influencers in Nigeria blogging industry. This tech blogger Mr Loy Okezie is not relenting in innovation. TechLoy is currently one of the biggest technology blog in Africa. 

39. Blog! This blog is one of the entertainment blogs in Nigeria that is really taking the business seriously. Watch out for this blog, it surely gonna give Linda a seriously challenge for number one spot. 

38. think something is working for some people here? First, it was Laila Ikeji, now it's Tiwa. However, this blog is doing very well to take 38 position in our list. 

37. One of the blogs giving Linda a serious fight for her position. 

36. This blog truly merit it's place among the best blogs in Nigeria 

35. Had problem with last year but now restored back and getting better. OgbongeBlog is one blog you can't leave out whenever talking about blogs in Nigeria. 

34. Among the best news blogs in Nigeria 

33. is one cool blog you'd like to see. From the content to the design, I like everything about 

32. Don't be fooled by the name, there is nothing P.M about this news blog. It make blog posts every time of the day. 

31. This blog is supposed to be defending Osun people but ended up defending the entire Nigeria and beyond. 

30. Contemporary business blog. 

29. for it's aggressive articles, I like Stella for her ability to always come up with controversial articles that disrupts the system. 

28. blog by one of the most popular Nigerian newspaper. 

27. This blog is dedicated to the Nigerian Nollywood but still very much on entertainment and news just like most other Nigerian blogs. 

26. Good blog, going strong 

25. This blog was once known as Laila Ikeji, everyone though it belonged to one of Linda Ikeji's sisters. Now we know better? Laila is doing exceedingly well in her blogging career. 

24. Blog by the youth and for the youths. YNaija has made it's mark in Nigerian social media and continually doing what they loves doing best. 

23. Good blog and the owner is keen at taking it higher. 

22. One of the most famous blog in Nigeria and deserves a place in our list. 

21. Micheal Chibuzor is the best and most elaborate Nigerian web copywriter I have ever seen and certainly one of the best in the world. Read some of the articles on his blog to you'll see what I am talking about. 

20. This blog should be on my top 10 but for Alexa ranking that placed others blogs above it. is one of the few blogs in Nigeria that is taking the business of blogging very seriously. 

19. Good blog, good content with one of the best layout among the Nigerian mainstream news websites/blogs. 

18. Good they made it to our top 20 but this news blog is one website that has all the privileges to be great but isn't making use of them. 

17. Good blog, good content 

16. Formally known as Y, this blog is a place where content marketing is said to be in charge. 

15. One of our choice blog any day. Pulse is seriously challenging for number one spot 

14. This news blog is doing well by leveraging the Nigeria's appetite for news consumption to maintain leadership position in Nigerian blogsphere. 

13. Another good Nigerian news blog. Changed their name from to This Day Live. 

12. This blog is truly good at gistingand going places with it. 

11. Well, not just ok to make our top 10 in this list for now but certainly very ok as one of the best and top blogs in Nigeria. 

10. Some of the few blogs in Nigeria that is backed by strong main media presence, great blog, great content! 

9. My favorite news blog, this website has stamped it's name in the history of Nigeria to become the "expose extraordinaire". 

8. Seemed determined to get to Linda Ikeji's spot by all means, this blog is doing extremely well and is one of the few blogs that is now attracting the attention of corporate advertisers. 

7. The is the biggest blog in the Nigerian Jobs niche. This blog truly deserves it's place on the top position. 

6. One of the pioneer of blogging in Nigeria, said to have inspired Linda Ikeji. Uche Pedro has stamped her name in the history of blogging in Nigeria through Bella Naija. She actually inspired the widespread use of "Naija" by Nigerians 

5. Whether this news blog belongs to a Nigerian or Austrian, one thing is sure; it has made it's mark in Nigerian blog and social media industry and therefore deserves our attention and recognition.

4. This is one of the top 100 blogs in Nigeria. It is one of the pioneer blogs in Nigeria. Lejit Reporters is a Nigerian news and digital media. It is ranked as the No.1 news and Entertainment platform 8th overall most visited in Nigeria. It offers a Wide Range of Engaging content monthly to Millions of Nigerians and the World at large. 

3. This is one of the top 100 blogs in Nigeria. Nairaland is a Nigerian English-language internet forum. Founded by Nigerian entrepreneur Seun Osewa on March 8, 2005, it is targeted primarily at Nigerian domestic residents and is the 6th most visited website in Nigeria. 

2. This is one of the top 100 blogs in Nigeria. It is one of the pioneer blogs in Nigeria. Africaflavour is a site that brings to you the latest movies and music in the world. Africaflavour ranks number one (1) movie site in Africa and third. Ukpono Etuk has stamped his name in the history of blogging in Nigeria through Africaflavour.

1. This is one of the top 100 blogs in Nigeria. It is one of the pioneer blogs in Nigeria. This blog is own by Linda Ikeji. Lindaikejisblog ranks number one blog in Nigeria in 2024 blog of the year. Lindaikejisblog is a mult-niche blog that revolves about news, events, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, inspiration, etc.Nes,etc, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration, etc.

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