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Police escort dies inside Kaduna-Abuja train

                                       Police escort dies inside Kaduna-Abuja train

Police escort dies on Kaduna-Abuja train

Tragedy struck on Thursday morning when one of the police escorts on an Abuja-bound train was killed while traveling.

Naija News learned that the police officer complained of chest pain during his trip and called for help before his passing.

A passenger who spoke to Daily Trust about the incident said there was no sign that the deceased was unwell when the train departed from Kaduna.

The official insisted there was no medical emergency, adding that the officer died before a doctor, who was also a passenger, could treat him.

A passenger said: ``A police officer who was one of the escorts on the train from Abuja to Kaduna was killed.'' He left home in good spirits. However, during his journey he complained of pain in his chest and asked his colleague to buy glucose and water.

"There was no medical emergency on board the train. The police officer was already dead before the doctor, who was also a passenger, arrived."

The police officer's body was reportedly moved to the side of the train with his face covered.

As at the time of filing this report, Nigerian Railway Corporation spokesperson Mahmoud Yakubu was yet to comment on the sinking.

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