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Perfect tool for all types of makeup girly, such as floor, vanity, bathroom, and more

           Perfect tool for all types of makeup girly, such as floor, vanity, bathroom, etc

Perfect tool for all types of makeup girly, such as floor, vanity, bathroom, and more

Whether you want to apply your makeup on the floor with natural light streaming in from your bedroom window or in the bright light of your bathroom, these tools will help you achieve the perfect look.

We independently selected these products because we love them and think you'll love them at these prices. Eh! has affiliate relationships, so if you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Items are sold by the retailer and not by E!. Prices are correct at the time of publication. Applying makeup is a kind of modern art. Every step of the process requires attention, from the first swipe of mascara or the first stroke of an eyeshadow brush to the final spray of setting spray or application of lip gloss. Mastering the technique is only achieved through years of experience (and countless failed attempts to follow YouTube tutorials). When you get to this point in your makeup journey, when you're asked, "What makeup?" you'll immediately have an answer in mind. Is it a girl?

According to the Internet, there are many different types of makeup for girls. Some floor makeup girls swear by using the natural light coming in through their bedroom windows to apply their makeup. There is a bathroom makeup girl who is unparalleled in balancing beauty supplies on the edge of the bathroom sink. There are also make-up girls at desks and dressing tables, sitting with their beauty arsenals in front of them like cards. Finally, there's the on-the-go makeup girl with the secret to achieving the perfect winged liner, no matter when or where you do your makeup.

No matter which makeup girl you identify with, we have the best tools to help you hone your skills and achieve the perfect look every time.

Xce Expandable Tub Caddy Tray

This expandable caddy tray is another great option for floor makeup girls for several reasons. The book tablet shelf is perfect for holding a mirror, and the shelves on both sides have enough space for beauty products. You can also store your brush by placing a cup or glass in the built-in cup slot (or use it for your morning coffee). Another advantage of this setup is that everything can be easily picked up and placed in different locations (depending on lighting conditions, etc.).

Deweisn Foldable Lighted Makeup Mirror

Speaking of which, this folding mirror is an ideal choice for floor makeup girls as it is illuminated, very portable, and even stands up on its own to keep both hands free. You can switch between 3 brightness modes and 3 color lights.

Avocahom 14-way padded adjustable floor chair

As a former floor makeup girl, back pain was one of the problems with my beauty routine until I bought a floor chair. This padded option features 14 different tilt angles, from a fully upright position (90°) to a fully flat position (180°), and is also easy to store discreetly.

Compact and collapsible sink attachment with hanging loop

Now that I'm a bathroom makeup girl, I've realized that the biggest problem I'm facing is lack of countertop space. This ingenious solution does just that. The sink topper can hold up to 7 pounds and is available in two sizes (and three colors). Additionally, it can withstand temperatures up to 480°F and also features a textured surface to make cleaning your makeup brushes easier.

Joli Grace Make Train Case

I learned too late that it's not a good idea to store makeup and products in the bathroom, which can get very hot and humid (hello, mold). This travel case is perfect for storing your beauty products and easily transporting them to the bathroom. It's stylish yet practical, with multi-layer shelves and storage, anti-smudge film, lockable features and even a built-in mirror.

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