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Karimot: ''My sister contracted STDs from her late husband, Mohbad''

                   Karimot: ''My sister contracted STDs from her late husband, Mohbad''

Karimot: ''My sister contracted STDs from her late husband, Mohbad''

Wunmi’s sister Kalimot defended Wunmi, revealing how Wunmi contracted a series of infections from the late musician Mokhvado, and addressed the DNA issue.

Notably, Mohubado's wife, Wunmi, has vowed on social media that she will never undergo a DNA test on her son, which is mandatory in Nigeria.

Wunmi's sister defended her sister, saying that she is not saying that Wunmi will not take her exam, but that she is saying that the exam will be held in due course.

She criticized Mohbad's father Joseph for taking a DNA test and maintained that Mohbad was always the one who infected Wunmi.

She said:

“Jossy, you said Wunmi was f* around but your son Mohbad was constantly inf£cting Wunmi with s£xually transmitted diseases and she’s always treating the infection with antibiotics…All of you clamoring for DNA are treating STDs in your marriages, it won’t be well with all of you”.

Before we can conduct DNA on Liam and Mohbad, we have to conduct DNA on Mohbad and his father, Joseph Aloba to be sure of his paternity. If we get a positive result then we can now proceed to get a DNA on Liam and Mohbad. Jossy, If them born you and your generation well don’t collect court orders.

They are watching all of you, that is the power of being a US citizen. They are very aware of Mohbad’s case, and they are so sad that such a thing is happening to Mohbad’s widow. You know how the US operates, they are watching”.

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