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Africa's best athletes to travel to Paris in 2024

                                    Africa's best athletes to travel to Paris in 2024

Africa's best athletes to travel to Paris in 2024

The Olympics are just around the corner, and Paris, France is making final preparations to host the quadrennial sporting event. Africa is full of great athletes, but who has impressed the most and who is most highly rated by online sportsbooks as their country's gold medal favorite?

Barega Ethiopia Long Distance Running

distance running? This is exactly why Selemon Barrega gets up in the morning. The athlete from Gurage Zone, Ethiopia, won a gold medal for his country in the 10,000 meters at the recent Tokyo Games. Since then, he has continued to win medals at various championships and once again became one of the favorites to win on other distances on the track such as 10,000 meters, 5,000 meters and 3,000 meters.

El Gendy Egypt Modern Pentalon

competing in the pentathlon have to be pretty good considering they have to master five different sports disciplines. Ahmed El Gendy made history in Tokyo by becoming the first African to win a medal in the sport and was sure to receive praise from the national and international audiences. There he narrowly won the silver medal, but eventual winner Joe Chun of Great Britain finished with a superior race result.

El Gendy is four years younger than his British opponent and therefore has youth on his side. He also had a very active and successful run to the Olympics, winning a gold medal at the African Games.

Hafnaoui Tunisia Swimming

Hafnawi became a hot topic after winning the gold medal in the 400m freestyle at Tokyo 2020. Tunisia is not known for swimming, due to its hot climate and relatively little water within its borders. However, that did not prevent Hafnaoui from continuing to find success in the pool. Since that event in Japan, he has won countless championships and now competes in many different types of races. He has said he wants to break the 1500m world record and believes he can do it at the Olympic World Aquatics Championships later this year. Tatiana Schoenmaker South Africa Swimming

African who could succeed in the Paris pool is Tatiana Schoenmaker. The 26-year-old swimmer previously held countless world records, including her 200m breaststroke time. Although her record was stripped of hers, she was named Africa's Best Swimmer in 2023 and she will compete for that title again with her strong showing here in France. Dew. She won the 200m breaststroke and silver in the 100m at the 2020 Olympics, but will she be able to win both gold medals this year? Ons Jabour Tunisia Tennis

is certain in tennis, especially at the Olympics, which is known for its surprises. In theory, Polish sensation and WTA number one Iga Swiatek should win gold, but the match is not what it seems on paper. Ons Jabeur has shown a strong ability to develop good runs in the tournament.

Ndolo Kenya Fencing

didn't have a professional fencer until Alexandra Ndoro. But she hasn't always represented Kenya. She was born in Germany to a Kenyan father and started fencing relatively late. Although she won several medals wearing the German flag, she has since decided to fly the Kenyan flag instead.

Emmanuel Bello Nigeria Canoeing

countries are not known for their success in sailing and boating. The woman who wants to change everything is 21-year-old Ayomide Emmanuel Bello. In her teens, she competed in the 2020 Olympics and won several youth competitions and African competitions thanks to her natural ability and hard work. It's safe to say that the best online sportsbooks in each sport don't consider her a favorite to win at the moment, but with a favorable draw she could still go far.

van Niekerk South Africa Running

of South Africa's fastest runners is Wade van Niekerk. His resume speaks for itself. He won several African championships, the World Championships he won the 200m and he won the 400m, and won the gold medal in Africa at the 2014 Continental He Cup. Unfortunately, the 31-year-old had a bad experience at the Tokyo Olympics and previously said he was struggling with his mental health.

why Van Niekerk said he will make this Olympics an unforgettable experience. Combined with his dedication and the skills he has shown throughout his career, he will no doubt bring home a medal or two.

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