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We're here to affect Lives - Gov Umo Eno

We're here to affect Lives - Gov Umo Eno

We're here to affect Lives - Gov Umo Eno

 ARISE Shelter Initiative:

A'Ibom Govt Targets 100 Houses for Poorest of the Poor

... We're here to affect Lives - Gov Umo Eno

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno has stated that, under the ARISE Shelter Initiative, government intends to build at least, 100 houses for the poorest of the poor across the 31 local government areas of the State.

Speaking at the State House monthly prayer service held at the Latter House Chapel, he noted that the initiative was necessitated by the pathetic nature of places some Akwa Ibom families are living.

He said that the initiative was devoid of political sentiments, stressing that a team from the humanitarian office was commissioned to visit all the local government areas in the State and select the worst among such structures for consideration.

Governor Eno who said his mission in the Hilltop Mansion is to positively affect lives, noted "there are people that, if you see the houses that they live, you will weep. In our villages, most of those elderly people are suffering. We are building one house in each Local Government for now. We call them Arise Shelters. Just two bedroom flats. 

"We are building them for those widows and less privileged people. We have seen a woman that when it rains, she sits there and shivers in the rain, and she has like eight children. So why can't we build a shelter for her? She is an Akwa Ibomite, she lives here, so government has taken the liberty to build a shelter for her with solar lights and borehole.

"These people too deserve a good life. It is their houses, it belongs to them. We will finish and hand over to them. This initiative too will create jobs for people in that local Government Areas. The contractors will come from that environment; so it is a way of also keeping our local artisans busy.

Our target is that we should be able to build at least a hundred houses in this segment, may be within two or three years we would do more.

Speaking on the developments in the bulk purchase...

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