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See Who Attends the Love Is Blind Season Six Reunion

See Who Attends the Love Is Blind Season Six Reunion

See Who Attends the Love Is Blind Season Six Reunion

The Love Is Blind season six finale may be over, but Love Is Blind: The Reunion is still to come. See which stars are confirmed to step on stage for the March 13 Netflix show.

Will these cast members from Love Is Blind season six please take the pod-ium? 

E! News can exclusively unveil the first look photos of Love Is Blind: The Reunion, revealing which stars of the reality dating show will appear when the special hits the streaming platform March 13 at 6 p.m. PT.

So, who will be bringing the drama to this season's post-finale event? Well, Jeramey LutinskiKenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills will be at the show. Plus, Jimmy Presnell is scheduled to step out for the occasion, hopefully to reveal where things stand with his ex-fianc√©e Chelsea Blackwell, whom he split with before even making it down the aisle. And the software salesman will also be forced to face his former pod connection Jess Vestal, whom he recently shaded for being a "mean girl."

But Jimmy's not the only one who will have to answer to some questionable decisions made during filming. Clay Gravesande will also return to set the record straight as to why he waited until getting to the altar to tell AD Smith he didn't plan to marry her.


"I looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘Am I a husband?'" Clay gave as his reason at the time, "and the answer was no. Am I deeply in love? The answer was no.'"

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