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Mistakes made by President Tinubu – Professor Sagay

                         Mistakes made by President Tinubu – Professor Sagay

Mistakes made by President Tinubu – Professor Sagay

Nigeria’s top advocate, Itse Sagay, recently spoke about the policies implemented by President Bola Tinubu that have caused suffering to Nigerians.

Segai said the president's decision to remove oil subsidies without planning for local substitution of gasoline or local production of fuel was the wrong move.

In an interview with Sunday Sun, he noted that President Tinubu should have waited until the Dangote and Port Harcourt refineries were operational before acting.

"I think this government has good reforms that can change this country," Segai said, citing the president's mistakes. "We have the technology and human resources that will make life easier for Nigerians, and the economy will improve. He said it would be.

However, as I have always emphasized, the mistake President Tinubu made was to abolish oil subsidies without planning for local gasoline substitution or local fuel production. ``That's what I've always been concerned about.'' What is the cause of the soaring gasoline prices? Transportation to and from overseas, port usage fees, various taxes at the port, etc.

However, if we produce locally, all of this will be eliminated and the price will remain the same or even go down. My argument has always been: Once local production begins, the issue of eliminating subsidies will likely be resolved. To me, this is a mistake by this government.

“They could have waited a little longer” if production had taken place at the Port Harcourt refinery, which was scheduled for later this month, and at the Dangote refinery, where millions of crude oil are already stored. ..If we waited for these refineries to start production, we would not notice the subsidy removal.

This is because if one becomes obsolete, the other automatically replaces it. That's why local production is the answer. Because if we start local production, the price of gasoline will go down and all our suffering will be alleviated and alleviated.

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