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EPL: Man City have enough motivation to beat Arsenal – Guardiola

                  EPL: Man City have enough motivation to beat Arsenal – Guardiola

EPL: Man City have enough motivation to beat Arsenal – Guardiola

Manchester City manager Guardiola has reiterated that his players are keen to beat Arsenal in today's Premier League clash at the Etihad Stadium.

Arteta returns to his former base with his team holding a one-point lead over the treble winners, a lead that could increase to four if they can shake off the Etihad's nine-year spell. become.

Josep Guardiola's men in sky blue, his former protégé Arteta is fast becoming something of a virtuoso, although bottom of the podium will be an unwanted collector's item in 2024. It's nothing compared to his almost perfect appearance in 2017.

in a chat with the club's official website, the Spanish tactician explained that the team did not need any extra motivation to beat Arsenal.

think it comes from within. Now, eight years later, I don't have to motivate them every three days. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

have something within themselves, something to compete. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here." I say it a million times, but the key to our success is The biggest reason is the players and their desire to build on their success.

set a benchmark for future generations. I couldn't have imagined that all these years later we would still be here every year finishing in the top three and playing in the FA Cup semi-finals and the Champions League." Very complex and really good - really good

past is the past. We have to win the next game against Arsenal and then Aston Villa," he said.

is a new day so we can't think about what happened in the past. It's important that we did what we did, but we never expected to be where we are now after the international break. did not."

fair to say Arsenal haven't won the Premier League for 20 years, so they'll have something special to prove - we know that - Liverpool and Jurgen Every time I challenge them, they always give me something special.”

we have to do is unite with our guys to get our good results. Sunday's will will be special, I'm sure. For us to do well, like we did against United."

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