"This Nigerian team is an assemblage of talents that needs maturing" - Promise Emmanuel

"This Nigerian team is an assemblage of talents that needs maturing" - Promise Emmanuel

I have seen growth. I think we still need a more technical coach that understands blending of creative talent. This team is an improvement from the qualifiers. The defense is solid. We now for the first time have consistent 2 and 3s with bench replacements that can compete. Bassey is strong with experience.  Aina is fluid. There is a back-line of Ekong and Ajayi, with a bench replacement of Omerou. 

We have strong defensive midfielders. 

The problem area is the Attacking Midfield position.  The vacant talent in this position,  leaving only Iwobi places so much stress on the attack. Iwobi is creative but declining in his finishing passes. Osimhen is a ready feet for goals. He has to always worry about the Attacking middle by coming to hustle for his balls and making unplanned runs.  He is arguably still the best striker in the tournament if his zeal to bang goals based on pressure can be managed. One good match can get a striker the golden boot. 

The Coach seem to have a plan. He knows how to play the team around with substitutes and rests. He needs to do more with playing the team together.  

The goal keeping has also improved when that basket was dropped. I dont know how that guy maintained his spot as number 1 despite his many flops. Nwabali is confident and fierce. A better hand than that miserable basket.

Based on performance,  Nigeria has won two matches and drew 1. It is not a bad outing. You need the wins, not flowery football.  We had those years with Okocha, Oruma and Kanu but never won anything post 1998-2004. 

If the current team plays together for long, bringing in new talents of Midfielders (not wingers please) with depth for control and dexterity for accurate passes, the wingers would have food for the point strikers to score many goals.

Nigeria might win this tournament if we don't get to meet Senegal in our next match. 

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