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Spyro: “Majority of people at top don’t want those below to join them”

Spyro: “Majority of people at top don’t want those below to join them”

Popular Nigerian Singer, Spyro discusses his observations after one year at the top of the music industry.

The artist, who rose to prominence with his popular song “Who’s your guy” approximately a year ago, mused on how those at the top treat the bottom.

According to him, the majority of individuals at the top do not want those at the bottom to rise to their level.

He claimed that people at the top would even attack you after you got there because they don’t want you to be on the same level as them.

Spyro writes:

“It’s been about a year on top and one major thing I have realised is that majority of the people at the top dont want the ones below to join them and let me shock you,most of them hate it when you break free to move up so they fight you even when you get there but I have come to declare to someone today .. AS GOD LIVES ,YOU WILL MOVE UP AND STAY UP THIS YEAR A but you sef fight o ,NO GREE FOR ANYBODY WEY NO GREE FOR YOU.”

Read some reactions:

mo__andra said: “My brother no be today. This matter don tey weye start ~ The prayer be say, the God wey do am for you, make e do am for me too and you reading this"

marvy_mahy said: “No lie at all, they want to remain there hence they keep oppressing and bullying!”

big_confirmer wrote: “He Dey On Top? Abi Na On Top Of Chair He Dey Talk?”

tenovertenautos said: “It’s every sector… they say “bigger u I pray bro” on every of ur achievements. But get scared and worried when the wins keep coming”

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