Speed Darlington: “I am the richest Nigerian musician alive”


Speed Darlington, a famous artist, responds to detractors who compare him to Davido and Wizkid, insisting that he is the richest Nigerian musician alive.

During his live video with supporters, he stated that he is Nigeria’s richest artist alive, and no other musician comes close.

However, other followers named prominent figures in the music business who may be wealthier than him.

When names like Davido and Wizkid were mentioned, Speed Darlington about lost it.

He asserted that he was the richest of them all, and that no one else came close.

Read some reactions below:

daberechi.fortune said: “I reject it for the person he is talking to
The person will not die young amen💯”

zonarman01 said: “Empty barrel makes the loudest noise”

exxenceofficial wrote: “Its funny how anyone can just come out to say their the richest without any prove or evidence. Sending love to y’all in Nigeria 🇳🇬❤️”

vic__tor___96 said: “Speed Darlington just Dey feel like RickRose 😂”

fawzmustapha’ wrote: “Na dj chicken brother be this seh 😂”