Single mother proposes to her man with the help of her children. See how it goes

A single mother who has been dating her man for 10 years has proposed to him with the help of her children but it didn't seem to go so well.


The mother employed the help of her 3 children to propose to the man whose name is Chris.

It was at a family birthday party and the man was seen wearing a shirt with “King” emblazoned in front while the woman had “Queen” inscribed on her matching t-shirt.


The three kids wore shirts that, when they stood together, read, “Uncle Chris, A.K.A Dad will you marry mummy?”

However, Chris did not seem so pleased with the proposal.


He shook his head, looked away, and scratched his head.


The woman then gave a loving speech about how she feels about him. She added that they have a child together, they have been together for 10 years and she loves him.


She held a ring in her hand as she made the speech.

"I want to know if he'll spend the rest of his life with me, she concluded her speech.


When she was done, the man looked away and continued scratching his head without giving her an answer.


Eventually, he said: “As an African man, I have to do it the proper way."


When their guests asked him to kiss her, he declined, shook his head and said: “My whole mouth is, it's…”

Until the video ended, he did not kiss her or give her a definite answer to her proposal.


Watch the video below.


Source: Lindaikejiblog