Pastor Francisca speaks on actor’s marriage to Judy - “Yul wants to leave but he is afraid of the consequences”

Pastor Francisca of the World Redemption Ministries claims that Yul Edochie wants to file for divorce from his new wife Judy Austin, but he is afraid of the consequences. 

According to the pastor who maintains that ritualism is scriptural, Yul Edochie should have been informed about the dangers of divorcing. 

Pastor Francisca claims that after talking with him about it, he decided he wouldn't chose to marry Judy Austin again. 

She shared this information with her audience during her sermon. She foretells that if he leaves the marriage, two things would happen. After suffering a stroke, he would become mentally unstable.

However, Yul Edochie was ready to conduct deliverance and pray in order to prevent such things, until he had second thoughts. 

She pleaded with others not to judge him because he was terrified for his life and was in that situation because of unbearable circumstances.