Lady exuberates as Her Husband Got Her Pregnant 2 Months After Giving Birth, Flaunts Baby Bump

Many people are talking about a new video that shows a Nigerian woman with a big pregnancy belly online. 

The woman who gave birth two months ago is shown in the video celebrating the news that she is expecting another child. 

The mother can be seen flaunting her large pregnancy bulge and clutching her two-month-old child in the video. 

Although she welcomed a child two months ago, she is seen dancing fervently to display her delight at the idea of having a new child soon. "My husband don knack me another belle with my 2 month old baby," the woman captioned the video.

Watch the video below;

reacting to the post;

@peaceful_baddie: Lack of family planning and a man that can’t do without kn8cking is all I’m seeing here.

@callmeennybillions: Two months old baby should be Two months old pregnancy, who re u deceiving with this big belly of about 7-9months You and your husband ENKR.

@talk2freshbliss: Make una sha get money to feed them.

@ble_ssing_sunday: My friend go and sit down and stop stressing that child.

@official_mbgi: I wonder how everyone Believes She is pregnant again. Will a two-month Pregnancy Look this big?  see the baby she is carry is still a new born. She just gave birth and her stomach i still healing and Yet to come down proper. Because the comments section Ehn haaaaaa.

@lizzyofblaze:  Nowadays, not having a family member embarrasÅ›ing you on social media is a big flex.

@treasure_ucee: I’m so embarrassed on her behalf, my mum will say genz mothers.

@prankhottiee: Na your body go hear am if you like no close your thing.