Kate Henshaw Reveals What Happened When She Met Davido - “He Doesn’t Have Respect, I’m Not His Fan” 

After meeting Davido, seasoned Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw explained why she didn't appreciate his demeanor. 

During an interview with Chude on his podcast, the well-known actress expressed her admiration for the singer's songs despite not knowing him personally. 

She also taught us that people are drawn to those that treat us with respect. Renowned actress Kate Henshaw acknowledged in an interview that she does not like artist Davido, remembering that he did not greet her when she first saw him. 

During Chude's podcast interview, Kate Henshaw came out as someone who liked the singer's music but didn't know him well.

She continued by saying that she was a strong believer in respect and that people are drawn to persons with individuality. 

"I don't like it." Although I've never met him, I enjoy his music. He didn't greet me when I met him. 

Additionally, I think he ought to show respect. It's okay to have or not have what you have. I adore his music, but in my opinion, personality counts and helps you connect with others, said Kate Henshaw. 

Notwithstanding her sentiments for the Afrobeats icon, the actress did not fail to acknowledge his charitable contributions and good deeds.

She explained that, despite Davido’s affluence, he has also put in the necessary effort to attain his success.