Ghanaian Pastor Prophesies to Wizkid Reveals Scary Events  - “Pray So What Happened to Davido Would Not Happened to You”

Many people on social media have been drawn to a video of a man of God prophesying to Nigerian rapper Wizkid.

In the video, the man of God is heard encouraging Wizkid to increase his prayers so that what happened to Davido would not happen to him as well.

He also stated that a large snake is around Wizkid but is now nice with him. However, that serpent will bite him very soon, and it will be one of the greatest stories in the music entertainment business.

The prophet of God was vague in his predictions, but some social media users attempted to decipher his message to the Grammy winner.

Watch the video below…


@Oprah_adesua: “I cover my wizkid with the blood of Jesus o. God abeg o”.

@Morounerantil: “Haaa, God pls protect him 🙏🏻”

@Adujumoke: “Because he is in Nigeria, their visionary eyes has reached him. God forgive me!”

@Darhmeee: “I cover my baby with the blood of Jesus, abeg no reach my baby’s side o”.

@Ihuomaadaobi: “Nothing shall happen to my wizkid, he is covered with the blood of Jesus Christ. Every evil plans against him shall turn to be blessings, Amen”.

@Clovean: “Why do I feel it’s a woman”