German Heiress Christina Block's 2 Kids kidnapped During New Year's Eve Celebration

Heiress from a steakhouse Authorities said that on New Year's Eve, Christina Block's children, Theodor, 10, and Klara, 13, were abducted while spending the night with their father, Stephan Hensel. 

There has been tragedy in a well-known German family. Heiress from a steakhouse According to a translation by People from the German newspaper Bild, Christina Block's children, Klara, 13, and Theodor, 10, were abducted while watching fireworks with their father Stephan Hensel at a New Year's Eve event near the Germany-Denmark border.

According to local police, the suspected kidnapping happened at a restaurant in the Danish town of Gråsten just after midnight on January 1. 

A gang of men reportedly knocked Hensel to the ground and forced the children into two cars, as reported by the UK publication The Telegraph. 

According to the publication, the cars, a Mercedes-Benz and a Citroën, had German license plates on them, although it's unknown if they crossed the border following the incident. 

The Telegraph claims that Klara was last spotted sporting a green pullover with a teddy bear on the front and light cargo leggings. Her brother Theodor, meanwhile, was dressed in a dark pullover, blue-and-white striped shirt, and light blue pants. German police have opened an investigation into the situation, as have Danish officials.