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Becoming Your Own Boss - Best Selling Novel

Becoming Your Own Boss - Best Selling Novel

Becoming Your Own Boss by Ofonmbuk Ubokudom

Are You Your Own Boss?

Objective: To help you come to terms with the fact that you are in charge of your life and that nothing can change except you change.

Sometimes, I look back at my achievements and realise that I'm a product of effective personal leadership and development. I've had so many distractions and challenges that could have stopped me from becoming who I am today, but I was bold enough to be my boss in the critical areas of my life.

The part that the world gets to see often is the success story of champions, but what they hardly see is the enormous work behind the scenes. Success is indeed a mirage. That's why I wrote my first book titled "START NOW THINK GLOBAL," which explained how to become successful and wealthy.

In that book, I emphasised the need to reframe your thought pattern, acquire high-income skills, submit to mentorship, make relevant financial investments and go from local to global.

Readers of that book have experienced a mental shift. However, the need to write another book became glaring when I discovered that people need to become their bosses to be able to transcend into a total state of productivity. 

As it's customary of my published works, this book is not a one-off read that should be taken casually. I believe that a book should go beyond getting knowledge on the surface and cause and a significant change in the lives of readers. Therefore, this book is more of a process through clarity and sustainable transformation. A mandatory pledge and corresponding blueprints are in each chapter. You will need your pen and a personal copy of this book to reap its full benefits.

Are you tried of living an unproductive life?

Do you want to achieve a higher level of productivity in your personal and professional life?

Do you feel a burning urge to become a better version of yourself?

Do you want to achieve peak performance in your life?

Yes? Great! BECOMING YOUR OWN BOSS is written and compiled solely for you. By the time you're done with the last blueprint of this book, you'd be an entirely different person with an effective blueprint for all-round productivity. Get your pen ready! This book is written in such an easy-to-read-and-understand format. Simple templates are drawn from a variety of individual insights from notable peak performers!  Make sure that you draft a blueprint for your life's peak performance after reading each phase of the book.

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