Astrologer Susan Miller Disclose Her 2024 Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign

Astrologer Susan Miller provided predictions for the new year, exclusively discussing with E! News the opportunities and challenges facing each sign in 2024. 

Are you excited to see how the stars will align in 2019? We've got you covered. Renowned astrologer Susan Miller shared her predictions for 2024 with us, along with what each sign of the zodiac might anticipate. 

She does, however, warn us that in order to receive the blessings the universe is bringing your way, you must work hard.

Susan, who recently unveiled her yearly Year Ahead calendars, exclusively told E! News that "you have to partner with the universe." 

You can't just wait there and hope someone knocks on your door when I tell you that you have positive qualities. You must take action to demonstrate your intentions." 

May 17, which the founder of Astrology Zone claims is the "luckiest day of the year," is a good example of working with the universe rather than against it. 

According to her, "On that day, you should do something that is hard to achieve because you have the universe behind you." After learning the date of greatest luck in 2024, continue reading to see Susan's enticing forecasts for each sign in the new year.