Andy Cohen's New Year's Eve sex confession is followed by Anderson Cooper's hilarious skit that steals the show

On CNN's New Year's Eve special, Anderson Cooper comically lost control while competing in a drinking game with Andy Cohen and Neil Patrick Harris. 

It is now officially legal to drink. On December 31, when Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper returned to headline CNN's New Year's Eve Live, the drinking games were back. 

Along with friend Neil Patrick Harris, the pair sang "Never Have I Ever" on air, answering the question, "Never have I ever hooked up with a fan." Swigging from his glass, Andy, fifty-five, said, "Well, I mean, if they're not a fan, they wouldn't..."

Neil, who wed David Burtka in 2014, added, "If they weren't before, they were after," as he sipped from his Red Bull. Do you understand what I'm referring to? 

The joke made Anderson laugh out loud, and on New Year's Eve, his burst of laughter was the present that kept on giving. 

One person commented on the video, "I need Anderson's giggle on my daily all seriousness," and another said, "Anderson lives vicariously through Andy's mischievous behavior." I adore his laughter."

Other social media users thanked the network for seemingly allowing Andy and Anderson to indulge on NYE once again. 

"Thank you for letting them drink," one user said. "I watched this 6 times."