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Search engines, cloud computing, software, hardware, and online advertising technologies are just a few of the Internet-related services and goods that Google LLC, an American multinational technology firm, specializes in offering. 

Although Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched the business in 1998, there have been a few ownership transfers. Who is the owner of Google?

The internet search engine is the company's main offering. It additionally provides additional well-liked items like: Software for calendars Gmail is a web-based email service. a collection of word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing software tools. cloud storage for corporations as well as consumers.

Google underwent a reorganization and leadership change in 2015, and the firm joined the larger Alphabet Inc. family. 

Who then is Google's founder and owner? Does Alphabet Inc. possess Google? 

On October 2, 2015, Google underwent a reorganization that resulted in the creation of Alphabet Incorporation, which is now the parent company of both Google and a number of its previous subsidiaries.

The two Google co-founders remained Alphabet workers, board members, and dominant stockholders. Google is owned by who? 

The top 5 investors in Alphabet Take a look at the top 5 Alphabet stockholders, who are also Google's owners. Two of these stockholders are individuals, and the remaining three are institutional investors.

Larry Page

Google's co-founder is Larry Page. Up to his resignation in December 2019, he was Alphabet's CEO. With a net worth of $67.9 billion as of this writing, Larry Page is among the richest persons in the planet. 

Sergey Brin

Although Sergey Brin was born in Moscow, his family left the Soviet Union in 1979 and relocated to the United States.  He joined Stanford University's graduate program in 1993, having graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in mathematics and computer science. It was there that he first made the acquaintance of Page, another graduate student. 

Although they founded Google in 1998, the company's 2004 IPO made both of them billionaires. Up until December 2019, Sergey presided over Alphabet as its president; he is currently a member of the board. With roughly 38.9 million shares, Brin presently holds the second-largest interest in Alphabet Class C shares among shareholders. As of right now, Forbes estimates that his net worth is $66.1 billion.

Vanguard Group, Inc. 

About 22.6 million Class C shares of Alphabet are owned by Vanguard Group.

BlackRock, Inc. 

BlackRock has about 20.0 million Alphabet Class C shares.

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. 

Approximately 12.2 million Alphabet Class C shares are owned by T. Rowe Price.

Who is the CEO of Google? 

Who is the CEO of Google 2020? Sundar Pichai is. 

American computer scientist and executive Sundar Pichai, originally from India, serves as CEO of Alphabet Inc. (2019–) and Google, Inc. (2015–).

Pichai became the head of product development and management at Google in 2004. 

His first project was the Google Toolbar, which made it simple for users of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the Google search engine. 

He worked closely with the developers over the ensuing years to create Chrome, which the public saw released in 2008. 

Industry insiders were not surprised when Pichai was named CEO of Google, which reorganized as a subsidiary, after the announcement by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in August 2015 as the formation of Alphabet Inc. He also took over as CEO of Alphabet in December 2019 after Page resigned.

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