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Top 10 Movie Sites in Africa

                                                             Top 10 Movie Sites in Africa

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Top 10 Movie Sites in Africa

Movies have been a great source of entertainment and escape from boredom for generations. Ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood even Nollywood, there's something for everyone in the world of movie

The Industry has advanced and flourished, and there are now great African movie websites to download different movies. So, this is why I'll be sharing the best movie sites to download these movies.

I am a big fan of movies and I thought it a great idea to share the sites I use to download not just the latest movies but quality ones as well. I'm sure other movie fans will find them useful

Here is a list of the Top 10 African movie sites you should come across:

1: Net Naija:

The NetNaija is one of the best movie websites that display quality movies ranging from Nigerian to other foreign movies. It used to be a popular resource for downloading movies for free.

However, it encountered some technical difficulties. Now, the site no longer hosts movie collections.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for those who are still interested in downloading movies. You can access this by using - The Netnaija Telegram channel.

This channel is outstanding and it offers a diverse selection of films which includes the newest releases from Nollywood, and other genres like Hollywood and Bollywood.

2: YouTube:

YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms across the globe. It is a well-known website where users enjoy quality movies both old and new in HD format.

One of the benefits of YouTube is you can watch full-length movies for free. It can also allow users to download movies and save them to be viewed later.

Surprisingly, YouTube has a large collection of movies, so movie lovers can find something to suit them.

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Here's another movie website of its kind.

AfricaFlavour is a website that offers mind-blowing selection of movies. from all over Africa. It is not limited to Nollywood alone.

You're sure to find varieties of latest releases to enjoy on AfricaFlavour

One of the benefits of this site is, it has a clean user-friendly interface that enables movie lovers to browse and find their favorite movies.

Also, these movies are available in HD and SD formats. Best of all, Africaflavour is free! So, you can watch as many movies as you like without spending. Why not jump on this?

4: Iroko TV:

Are you looking for one of the oldest African movie platforms, look no further than IrokoTV

This movie site displays movies in high definition. One of the benefits of Iroko TV is you can also watch movies with their app.

Once you sign up for a paid subscription, you gain access to thousands of movies. So, what are you waiting for?

Download IrokoTV app and start watching today!

5: 5: Ibaka TV:

Ibaka TV was founded by Blessing Idornigie under the umbrella of Ibaka Entertainment.

This is another popular website to download movies for free. It contains large hours of content that can be accessible at one's convenience.

You can also download movies from Ibaka TV using a mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

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6: Nollyland:

Are you looking for an African movie site where movies are downloaded freely? Look no further with Nolly land

There are a lot of movies on the websites and it takes just a few steps to download on the phone or using a PC

The interface is user-friendly too and easy to navigate.

While a paid subscription service is available, it's not required to use the site. Although, once subscribed, it unlocks the latest movies as soon as they're released.

7: Airtel TV:

Airtel TV is yet another excellent African website to download movies for free

This website has been in existence for a while and more importantly, they host a large collection of movies to choose from.

Are you a fan of movies, then this website is for you.

Best of all, you can save the movies for later viewing.

8: CodedWap TV:

Codedwap TV is another website to download African movies for free in 2023.

On this website, you can download Ghanaian, Indian, Nigerian Movies et al.

Plus the website is constantly updated with the latest celebrity gist and news

Whether you're looking for a new movie to watch or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest entertainment news, Codedwap TV has got you covered

9: RealNolly TV

This is another African movie site that brings free movies for download but you need to register an account before you can access the content.

After the registration, there's an access to all varieties of genres, both the latest and old

Are you in the mood for drama, comedy or thriller, RealNolly TV has you covered.

10: DeloniferaTV.

DeloniferaTV is another amazing African movie site that provides free movies worldwide.

They also have an app that you can use to watch movies at your convenience whether you're at home or on the road, DeloniferaTV has you covered.

It is also available on iOS and Android devices.

Click DeloniferaTV and enjoy your favourite movie now!

It's never been easier to access the entertainment you love. However, you can do it from the convenience of your laptop, phone or computer.

It is necessary to make sure that the site you choose to download movies are safe and secure so as not to risk infecting your devices with viruses, that's why you have some recommendations listed above.

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