The Past of Jared Leto's Most Extreme Transformations Over the Years

Known for his "immersive" approach to acting, Jared Leto, who turned 52 on Dec. 26, has drastically transformed for several of his latest roles, including WeCrashed and House of Gucci.

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>Jared Leto still loves to play. 

The Oscar-winning actor has become known for his commitment to his roles, including losing weight, gaining it back and wearing prosthetics to become completely unrecognizable. Then there was that time he dyed his hair green and shaved off his eyebrows to go after Batman. And two of Leto's most recent projects  the much-delayed superhero movie Morbius and the Apple TV+ drama WeCrashed  join the long list of examples of the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman dramatically transforming himself for his work.

While some may call it method acting, Leto prefers the term "immersive," telling E! News in March 2022, "I've spent a career immersively and it's quite an opportunity."

Leto inhabits his characters so fully that even those working alongside him feel like they aren't really interacting with the actor. 

Though she spent six months playing his onscreen wife in WeCrashedAnne Hathaway told E! News at the series premiere that she only met the real version of the Requiem for a Dream star in the last few weeks.