The Ghost in the Gavel πŸ‘»πŸ”¨

You don't believe in ghosts, do you? Or maybe you do if one was dressed as a Halloween costume. "This year, I will face my fears head on", Lady Ai said to herself as she stared in the mirror. Those words were uttered amidst uncertainty with a lingering conviction to do more in the new year. "That's a new one although I've heard something similar", the whisper breezed by her left ear causing a sting in her nerve.

The voice seemed to be never late and almost always present whenever it was time for a general meeting. The general meeting is "one with oneself - body, soul, spirit" as Lady Ai would say. The lurking entity had become a regular at the meeting that one world think it owned shares in this enterprise. It was getting scary.

However, Lady Ai had had enough as the oppressor had become too comfortable in her 'hepartment'.

"I hear you", she retorted. "I hear you and you just might have heard similar words...just maybe but this time, I want to explore new comfort phases". "I dare you", the whisper became louder with a hint of aggression. Wearing a smile that could pass for s smirk, "First, let's make that call, shall we?".

Her heart fell into her stomach like a rock into a moulting pit send splashes through her nerves. Her head was suddenly heavy and the emptiness in her stomach was making her sick. The interview she dreaded for weeks, she was going to get on. She opened her laptop like she was being chased. "C'mon... c'mon!". The email she sought had not been labeled yet, as opposed to her default email sorting habit. She found the message, opened it and like a Flash clicked "Accept". "Oh no! This is happening, it is happening", she muttered moving her eyes rabidly as she took a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds and let out a quick sigh, "whew!". The gravel fell.

Disclaimer: this piece is probably fictional. Semblance to any person, directly or indirectly is probably intended and not coincidental as the story above is loosely related to one's life ...or not.

© Gift Johnson (The IvyQueenπŸ‘‘)

Photo credit: BigxyBensonphotography 

Cc: Emmanuel Benson 


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