Survivor Season 45: Dee Valladares and Austin Li Coon's Relationship Status Disclosed

Dee Valladares and Austin Li Coon's showmance was the main focus of Survivor season 45's finale. But did the pair's romance continue once they left the island?

Is this the modern era's Boston Rob and Amber Mariano?!

In the latter half of Survivor season 45, a showmance began to blossom between alliance members Dee Valladares and Austin Li Coon. And after several episodes of hand-holding, helicopter rides and, okay, some lies, the twosome found themselves sitting next to one another on the Dec. 20 finale, verbally battling it out for the title of Sole Survivor. (Oh, and Jake O'Kane was there, too!)

Ultimately, the jury chose to award the $1 million prize to Dee in a 5-3 vote over her island boyfriend, due in large part to her key decision to not tell Austin she betrayed him in an early vote until they were in front of their eliminated castaways. Strategic and savage!

But as it turned out, Austin wasn't too upset. 

"Girls are better at playing guys than the other way around!" the grad student told Jeff Probst with a laugh after the votes were read. "All good!"

While Dee and Austin's relationship became the main focus of season 45's finale, which was filmed months ago, their current relationship status was still TBD. 

Until now.

"You're not going to like my answer," Dee told Entertainment Weekly when asked for an update on her romance with Austin. "This has been a whirlwind of emotions and we have decided to keep it low key for now. It's been too crazy and it's getting crazier. So we've decided to keep it low key for now, only because it's been insane."

Um, so what does low key mean exactly?

"Keep it low key is you'll see pictures here and there," the entrepreneur explained, "but we're not going to focus on it right now because so much is happening in our lives, and yeah, we're just going to keep it low key for now."

Okay, so not much, but like a starving castaway on day 25 in front of a half-bag full of rice, we'll take what we can get!

Of course, Dee and Austin are far from the first pair to find love while attempting to outwit, outplay and outlast on the hit CBS reality series, following in the footsteps of Boston Rob and Amber, who famously got engaged on the show, and a twosome from season 44 that is still going strong.

Look back on all of Survivor's couples to find out who's still together and to see what Austin had to say about his relations

Dee Valladares and Austin Li Coon

After making it to the season 45 finale together, Dee, who was crowned the winner, and Austin are playing coy when it comes to their current relationship status. 

"We kind of want to keep that a little private for now, just because things have been so crazy," Austin told Entertainment Weekly. "The finale just aired and I don't think I'm ready quite yet for dealing with all the fans and giving out the answers. So going to keep that private for now."

Frannie Marin and Matthew Blankinship

It was pretty much love at first sight for Matt and Frannie when they stepped on the beach for season 44. And their showmance continued beyond Fiji and they are still dating.

On their one-year anniversary, Frannie shared a blurb she wrotein her journal on the first day of Survivor.

"I have already developed a mild affinity for [Matt]. This is problematic as I want to be best friends with him and will likely a) trust everything he says and b) tell him every thought in my head," she shared. "Halt, emotional being! Enough with reaching your wretched tendrils! Steel yourself!"

Jaclyn Schultz & Jon Misch

After competing on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, the couple said "I Do" in August 2015 near Detroit. In June 2022, Jaclyn and Jon welcomed their son Logan Samuel

Parvati Shallow and John Fincher

Parvati Shallow, a fan-favorite from multiple iterations of Survivor and the Sole Survivor of Fans vs. Favorites, started dating John Fincher of Survivor: Samoa in 2014. They married in 2017 and welcomed a daughter in 2018, with Parvati returning to compete in Winners at War just months after giving birth. In August 2021, the couple would file for divorce.