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Portable: ''I Only Fought Him With 30% Energy, If I Had 100% Energy, Charles Okocha Might Be in Mortuary''

The Nigerian writer, rapper, and musician Portable claimed in a statement that he may have killed Charles Okocha, one of his competitors, during their most recent boxing bout. 

The Nigerian musician and record label owner said in a social media video that he attended a gig prior to his altercation with Charles Okocha. 

Watch Video: He bragged that he could have seriously injured Charles Okocha in the ring by utilizing all of his might if he hadn't gone to the previous performance. 

"I swear to God who made me," he said, "despite my panic in the middle of a huge crowd, I was only flinging blows if I hadn't gone to the show that day. 

The strikes that Charles Okocha was expected to take, I gave them to the audience members at the event. 

"I had already performed earlier, so I was exhausted when I got to Charles Okocha's place. I was stressed out a lot. Charles Okocha could have suffered severe injuries or worse if he had been exposed to my full force. 

In the video that is attached below, he spoke a few more things concerning Charles Okocha.Watch Video:

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