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Pamela Anderson's Latest Makeup-Free Look Is Simply Remarkable

                       Pamela Anderson's Latest Makeup-Free Look Is Simply Remarkable

In a new ad campaign for The Laundress, Pamela Anderson carried on her 2023 habit of not wearing makeup. 

View the actress' most recent stunning nude appearance. Still putting the "bae" in Baywatch is Pamela Anderson. 

The 56-year-old revealed her new ad for The Laundress on Dec. 28 via Instagram, carrying on her 2023 habit of going makeup-free. 

The actress, who looked lovely in a white coat and simple white dress with her trademark blond hair in a messy bun, gave an explanation of why she was a perfect fit to work with the clothes and fabric care brand.

"I view laundry not as a task but as an opportunity to unwind and spend time with myself," Anderson said, providing viewers with a close-up view of her secluded, waterfront Vancouver home. 

"It helps me meditate, and I play some music. To be honest, this makes me happy." The Pamela: A Love Story actress shared in her comment that she enjoys doing housework by making herself a glass of rosé or a cup of coffee. In the advertisement, she also said, "You just gotta have fun with everything you do." "I think that's kind of been my thing, is that no matter what you're doing, you're just having some fun."

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