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Nigerian man exposes pregnant wife - “She showed me shege”

                                Nigerian man exposes pregnant wife - “She showed me shege”

Nigerian man exposes pregnant wife - “She showed me shege”

A Nigerian man recounted his uncle’s ordeal at the hands of his pregnant wife in a hilarious account shared on the X app.

According to the X user @CRawkeen, the young father witnessed his wife demand a series of bizarre foods.

While the man and his friend were watching a Premier League match, his wife summoned him to their room.

She expressed a desire for burnt jollof rice, much to his surprise. Initially surprised, the husband managed to keep his cool and went to a nearby canteen to fulfill his wife’s desire.

When he arrived at the canteen, however, he discovered that the rice had already been cooked and that there was no burnt portion.

Despite informing his wife, she insisted on having it, leading him to warm the rice and intentionally let it burn slightly before serving it to her.

During the same eventful pregnancy, the husband faced another peculiar craving from his wife. As they were setting up their Christmas tree, she suddenly developed a strong desire for asala, also known as walnuts.

However, it was not the season for walnuts, leaving the husband perplexed about how to fulfil her request.

Despite the challenge, he persevered, attempting to find a way to satisfy her craving. In a lighthearted moment, the husband jokingly expressed his relief to his wife, stating that this would be their only child.

The Twitter user said; “My uncle was telling me how his wife showed him shege during pregnancy. It was their first baby and she was always asking for unbelievable things. He said one day his friend was around for the weekend and they were watching premier league, then the wife called him on the phone to come to the room.

“When he got there, Aunty told him she would like to eat burnt jollof rice. He said wait, is this why you called me? He wanted to para but he remembered well, maybe because of her condition. He said he went to one canteen down their street to buy for her. *

“On getting there, they were already done cooking the rice and they poured in the cooler already so no burnt part there. He called her to tell her and she said “buy it like that”. “When he got home, she asked him to warm it and let it burn a little 9. He said this rice ton’gbona felifeli? Rice that is hot like this we should warm it? She said please naww just do as I say, don’t use the microwave o, use gas, let it burn. He said Okay my Lord. He did it and she ate it lol.

“He said the most annoying one of that same first pregnancy was a December period and they were setting up their Christmas tree and wife started craving Asala (Walnut). Every minute she would say babe when will you go and get it naw?

“He said but this is not Asala season nau, where am I supposed to see it? He said when she finally gave birth, he told her thank God for safe delivery but look, this is the only baby we are having.”

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