“I used to work with him” – Regina Askia speaks on Emeka Ike


Popular actress, Regina Askia has commented on the ongoing family feud between actor Emeka Ike and his wife and son, as she shares her experience with him during the period they had worked together.

In her words:

“It’s so shocking when you leave a society like Nigeria and have to adapt to a society that is very different from yours, and you have to take into consideration what that man is going through. I am not supporting violence in any way but you have to consider what that man is going through for real.

“You know I used to work with Emeka Ike and I never met his wife, I don’t know his son but I know family dynamics that can push you to something like that and there is no deeper hurt than when people you have sacrifice your life, your savings, everything for kinda turn on you. It’s sad. I hope that they find a way to make it up to each other, maybe apologise father to son and pull through.”