Highlights And Results from Boxing Day Match as Portable Ruthless Defeats Charles Okocha In Celebrity Boxing Match [Video]


In a hard-fought celebrity boxing bout, Singer Portable must brutally defeat well-known Nollywood actor Charles Okocha following the third round. 

At around one in the morning on Wednesday, the brawl took place at Landmark Beah Lagos.

With an easy victory, Portable won the match and won the belt. Following a contentious internet dispute, Portable unleashes his inner Muhammad Ali to decisively beat well-known Nollywood actor Charles Okocha in a brutal third-round celebrity boxing match. 

Following an alleged 40 million naira rip-off, in which Portable claimed the actor had tricked him in a transaction they had both obtained, the showdown was set to take place.

The altercation happened at Landmark Beah Lagos early on Wednesday morning, at one in the morning. 

In the opening round, Portable clad in shorts and a blue armless shirt landed a barrage of body blows on Charles, who kept trying in vain to get away. 

Throughout the nearly 40-minute boxing match, Portable repeatedly struck Charles Okocha in the head. 

With ease, Portable prevailed in the match and won the championship. A sizable audience erupted in cheers as Portable claimed his title and spoke about his impressive boxing skills.