Here's What Happens When Onscreen Kisses Go Really Wrong: awkward ex-couples, runny noses, and tuna sandwiches

This kiss, this kiss...can be really gross. Stars' make-out sessions may be the stuff of movie magic, but offscreen they can be awkward AF.

Bad kisses can occasionally befall decent people. 

You have to be concerned about where your tongue is placed, dry lips, and the aftereffects of a poorly thought out lunch. 

Simply put, not every time you press your lips will the miracle happen. 

And when so many other variables are involved, such as an untimely cold, an unlucky craft services menu, or the possibility that your make-out partner may actually be your ex-partner a common occurrence in Hollywood where stars frequently date one another it can be even more difficult to find that inexplicable chemistry on a movie set.

This could potentially explain why, for every individual who expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work closely and closely with their attractive costars, there are approximately twelve more who complain about how uncomfortable the entire setup is and how drastically different it looks from the screen. 

Take it from Kate Hudson, the rom-com queen who usually has a knack for pulling off amazing make-out scenes in movies.