Famous Nigerian Forum website, ''Nairaland'', is down

Famous Nigerian Forum website, ''Nairaland'', is down

The online discussion board Nairaland, which has dominated Nigeria’s search results for nearly 20 years, went down on Monday.

On Monday night, frequent visitors to the website became alarmed when they couldn’t get in.

Few expressed apprehensions regarding possible hacking.

@BashirAhmaad wrote on X, “Does anyone have information on what’s happening with Nairaland? Typically, it is part of my nightly routine to check the site before bed, but it appears the page is down tonight. Could it be a technical issue, hacking, or something else?”

Another X user @rani_reine, tweeted, “No wonder. I have tried logging in multiple times in the past six hours. Please get it back.”

PUNCH Online’s checks revealed a “Host Error” error message, which stated that the website’s page was not displaying because the web server was not returning a connection.

Seun Osewa, the site’s creator, asserted that the host had “taken down” the website.

Osewa said that the penalty was related to his failure to notice an earlier abuse complaint he had been given.