Double Down on the Cast of Las Vegas Then and Now

It's been 20 years since NBC rolled the dice on Las Vegas and viewers were rewarded with five seasons of drama, beautiful people, celeb cameos galore and high-stakes shenanigans.

Twenty years have passed since NBC gambled on Las Vegas. Josh Duhamel portrayed Danny in the soap opera-style prime-time drama. 

Danny is a former Marine who is navigating his personal life while advancing through the ranks of the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino. 

This high rollers playground encompasses all the attractions of Sin City, including games, showgirls, glamour, tough guys, backroom deals, and sometimes tragic deaths, all under one roof.

And as fans of the show are no doubt aware, the tragedy ended on a terrible note because the creators had intended to produce a sixth season, which never materialized. 

While we are only able to provide the optimistic "Danny and Delinda have a family and are doing great!," we can give you an inside look at the activities that the large cast of the show has been involved in since they played their last hand.