Changes to Canada's Temporary Foreign Workers Program Affect Nigerian Students

Canada is thinking about putting a cap on the amount of temporary foreign workers it accepts.


Immigration Minister Marc Miller claims that the action is being taken to control population expansion and the housing problem. 

The nation stated that the new measure will be implemented in 2024 while it develops a new technique. 

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In order to control population growth and the housing issue in the nation, Canada may place limits on temporary foreign workers starting in January 2024, according to the country's immigration minister, Marc Miller. 

Nigerians and other foreign workers would be impacted by the reforms, as would other international students.

Canada takes action to rein in its rapidly growing population. This was disclosed by Miller at a press conference when he revealed measures to restrict the number of foreign workers who are temporarily employed here.

Miller stressed the necessity for a controlled and balanced approach and voiced worries about the unrestrained nature of the current system. 

The program includes people who go to Canada temporarily to work in specific industries, such as seasonal laborers, skilled professionals, and agricultural labourers. 

These laborers have temporary work permits, and they must fulfill specific requirements before they may be granted permanent residence. 

Miller suggests that the changes will be implemented early in the following year to address the rise of temporary foreign workers, which suggests that the measures are intended to control the housing crisis' influx.

Canada modifies the proof of funding requirement Because of reforms in immigration, Canada saw unprecedented population growth in the second quarter of 2023 more than 430,000 people. 

Miller announced modifications to the international student program in early December 2023, requiring applicants to demonstrate greater financial independence. 

The minister makes preparations to cancel study permits and work with the provinces to monitor foreign students and standard colleges. 

The declaration demonstrates Canada's stance on overseas students and temporary foreign workers. In the upcoming days, the nation intends to iron out the details of the new plan.