Afua Asantewaa breaks the 105-hour sing-a-thon record, causing excitement

Afua Asantewaa is moving closer to breaking the Guinness World Record. 

The broadcast journalist from Ghana has managed to sing continuously for four days as part of a sing-a-thon to smash the world record. 

At nine in the morning on December 28, she had sang for 105 hours.

The time she has set thus far is the same as the record set by Indian Sunil Waghmare in 2012. 

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To be sure she has surpassed the current record, Afua Asantewaa's attempt has not yet been formally reviewed by the Guinness World Record. 

Regardless, the milestone of reaching 105 hours thus far has left followers of Afua Asantewaa ecstatic, and they have congregated in the Akwaaba Village where the sing-a-thon is being held.

Afua will not give up easily. She wants to sing till tomorrow, or as long as her strength permits, in order to get enough time to surpass and expand the existing record.