Love Had Sweet Plans For Melanie & Ore Who Met in University – Enjoy Their Destination Wedding in England!

Most times, love shows up in the most unplanned way and creates something so beautiful. Melanie crossed paths with Ore in a way Ore didn’t see coming.

She attended a party with her friend having a plan not to get sidetracked by anyone. However, this plan went down the drain the moment they arrived. She met Ore, who also had his own plan – to distract her from her friend all through the night. 

They formed a fun connection and now, it’s a beautiful destination wedding in England!  They stepped out in their glamorous outfits serving sweet love doses.

They also had an Urhobo-Yoruba trado where they repped their roots beautifully. Their sweet love is evident in every frame and you can’t help drooling.

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below: