15-year-old girl puts up billboard to invite rapper Drake to her 16th birthday party

A 15-year-old Texas girl named Miya Garcia has posted a billboard inviting Canadian artist Drake to her upcoming birthday celebration.

Miya tried to catch Drake’s attention by renting a full interstate billboard ad with her mother’s help.

“Drake, you’re invited to my Sweet 16. Your biggest fan, Miya,” the billboard reads.. Drake’s picture was on one end of the billboard and Miya’s was on the other.

In an interview with Fox 26 Houston, Miya declared her admiration for Drake’s music and called him an inspirational man.

“I love his music, love his style. “But he’s really inspiring.” Miya’s daring attempt emerged on social media and gained traction, with many urging Drake to show up to her party.

Espinoza Magda said: “So sweet .Drake that would be so nice of you. A teenagers dream.”

Melany Stephens said: “Wow talking about thinking outside of the box!!! Drake show her that dreams do come true!!!”

Christy Bennett said: “I hope it gets to him. That will be an amazing surprise for her.”

Shilpa Dayal said: “Drake you would totally make that night more memorable! I hope you go frfr!”

Act LawnCare said: “Should have put the sign up in Houston. He just moved to that town. Best of luck mama. May you have the best sweet sixteen ever. God bless.”