Bobrisky’s Leaked Chat with Samklef Causes Buzz: “Padi, I Need Your Services”

Bobrisky’s Leaked Chat with Samklef Causes Buzz: “Padi, I Need Your Services”

A leaked discussion between Bobrisky and Samklef during his feud with Davido has created quite a stir online.

In a recent Instagram post, Bobrisky mocked Samklef’s music and blogging careers, calling them “failed glory.”

Samklef, according to Bobrisky, is simply furious over being blocked by Davido and has been advised not to try to drag the singer down.

He questioned Samklef’s decision to criticize Davido after he was barred. He stated that before being blocked, Samklef should have called out Davido for owing people money.

Bobrisky referred to Samklef as a “lowlife” and urged him to leave Davido alone, labeling him as “expired glory.”

The cross dresser also mentioned that he stopped responding to Samklef’s messages due to his constant requests for discounts without paying for services.

While Bobrisky admitted to still being friends with Samklef, he urged him to stop targeting Davido.

Bobrisky criticized Samklef’s failed attempts at interviewing people on his page. He emphasized the need for Samklef to move on and focus on other aspects of his career.

In his words; “You wonder why i stopped responding to ur dm? Cos you are broke always asking me to give him discount yet Baba won’t pay. He like free services. Wait o at some point in ur life you were interviewing people on ur page you still failed in that one.

only you? You need help. I’m still ur guy sha!!! But stop coming for David. Rest i know you are pained but pls manage d blocking.”