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Technology: If you have any of these Android apps, uninstall them now

Technology: If you have any of these Android apps, uninstall them now  

They're laced with spyware, adware, and other malware.

Security researchers recently discovered over two dozen malicious Android apps that had become popular on the Google Play Store. They masquerade as innocuous tools while secretly monitoring users and stealing their information. Google removed most of them, but theThe malicious apps mostly appear as photo editors, theme customization, and wallpaper apps. The list also had an emoji keyboard and note-taking app hiding malware in their coding.

Once users install them, they will display intrusive ads, scam customers, and grab information from devices while hiding themselves from users. One specifically targets WhatsApp messages. Another steals information from other app notifications, downloads additional software, or prompts users to install other apps likely remain installed on many devices.

This week, security group Dr. Web published its June 2022 mobile virus activity report describing around 30 popular Android apps containing trojans, adware, spyware, and other malware. Some had hundreds of thousands or even millions of Google Play Store downloads. 

Others are even more vicious, including one that covertly takes videos and photos. Another allows hackers to read a device's texts, track its location, view its browser history, turn on its microphone, log keystrokes, and access other data.

Dr. Web also describes malware that steals information to hack Facebook accounts. They may ask victims to log into authentic Facebook sign-in prompts before intercepting the input data. Another type of malware hiding in scam apps downloads and runs arbitrary code that secretly enrolls users into paid subscriptions.

Some apps provide their advertised functionality while hacking users under the hood. However, others are entirely bogus, like simulated dating services that ask for personal information and subscription payments to continue fake chats. 

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