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Poem: WHEN I DIED by Felix Johnson

Poem: WHEN I DIED by Felix Johnson 


Not a lonely sojourn

There is always an ally

Whom we bank our secrets

When I died

Dead to your hates and scorn 

Buried in deafening grave of your jealousy

I've reincarnate!

When I died 

You erased my feet on every sand,mud and snow

Wiped my name with falsehood

Luckily! I've reincarnate! 

When I died 

You hindered every room for pity

Blown a dread of rejection

And envious that I ever lived

Just when I died

You pride in a befitting funeral

With  inconsolable tears

Not knowing I'd reincarnate

Just as I died 

You sabotaged every sympathy

Claiming I was proud 'n' extravagant

Did you believe I'd reincarnate?

You extinguished my name

And Wiped my memories

Fed the world a cup of lie

And truly forgot I could reincarnate.

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