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Business: Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today

Business: Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today

Some sell rates extracted from the user comments on this page: cannot guarantee trustworthiness of the contacts listed here. Please, DO NOT TRADE with the users listed here; use this platform only for data purposes.

CurrencyRateDateUser Nick
USD₦ 68003/08/2022Sure tech >
USD₦ 65003/08/2022Diamond >
USD₦ 68003/08/2022Cara >
USD₦ 66003/08/2022Hassan ex >
USD₦ 64003/08/2022Dan >
USD₦ 66003/08/2022A_ISAH070.. >
USD₦ 71003/08/2022Frank >
USD₦ 65503/08/2022Allhj hon.. >
USD₦ 67003/08/2022Mr IDRIS >
USD₦ 64003/08/2022Hassan ex >
USD₦ 71003/08/2022Claude >
USD₦ 66503/08/2022A.A YUSUF >
USD₦ 70502/08/2022Kelvin >
USD₦ 70002/08/2022Vicky >
USD₦ 67002/08/2022Mama mi >
USD₦ 69002/08/2022Chinwe >
USD₦ 67002/08/2022Olapete >
USD₦ 66002/08/2022A_ISAH070.. >
USD₦ 68002/08/2022Aboki Gol.. >
USD₦ 68002/08/2022Likyliky >
USD₦ 65502/08/2022Allhj hon.. >
USD₦ 68002/08/2022God'stime >
USD₦ 70002/08/2022Sure tech >
USD₦ 69502/08/2022Tun >
USD₦ 65001/08/2022D BDC >


Dollar to Naira parallel market exchange rate is between ₦640 and ₦710 with an average of ₦668.33 in Nigeria today on 03/08/2022, according to 12 sell rates coming from the users in the comments section.

For the last 7 days, between 27/07/2022 and 02/08/2022Dollar to Naira black market rate took values between ₦583 and ₦715 with an average of ₦662.19. When we compare today’s (03/08/2022) values with the last 7 days, average Dollar to Naira rate had a 6.14 points increase from ₦662.19 to ₦668.33 which corresponds to a 0.93% rise.

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