This is how to survive in Port Harcourt.

1. Have money and Garri 💰

2. Know people that have money and connection 🤝

3. Before you pack into any rented apartment ensure to ask people around, before you go dey sleep for burial ground with roof🙏

4. Don't fall in love 💔

5. Avoid those wey dey pin new pam or  shoe...

One pin na 15k...aboki own na #20 per pin o 🙄

6 There are lots of beggers in Port Harcourt with different formats.

7. Learn to speak pigeon and avoid too much grammar🌬️

Always Mind ur business🙇🤗

Avoid late night🌌

Note places like waterlines, garrison, mile3, Aba road, choba etc. Beware of their roughness🔫🗡️🙆🏃🏃🏃

No fight ikwere person – man or woman, big or small😧😤🤧

Carry food come ooo, especially garri, Street hard, things cost😧😡, the money for food🍝 in ur villa can only buy akara for PH.😁😁

If u think u get money, a night lounge for presidential hotel is enough to send u villa🏡😁, u get y???

If for night,u mistakenly hear "who goes there" omor tear race🏃🏃🏃

No drag possession with highmen. 

How I lost my phone📱 is what I won't tell you😧😭

8. 1. If you Waka for Rumuokoro bridge, squeeze face small, e go help you.

9.  If taxi driver ask u, u hold change, omoh know say ur money na #50.

10 . no too speak good English oo else where u suppose pay 1h na 5h u go pay.

11. Becareful before u go buy land wey belong to army general.

12 . Here na hook up things, no expect love like that else ur hrt break computer sef no go fit count am.

13 . No go find job for Etche ooo, I repeat no go find job for Etche especially if u get job interview invitation from Engr. Emma or Engr. Charles u no go come back Alive.

14. lastly If u need access power and scholarship or job abroad join OPM. 

Ah just say make I update una.