Lifestyle: Top 10 Most Popular Music Awards in the World 

Most Popular Music Awards in the World- The music/entertainment industry is undoubtedly filled with so many talents, both legendary and upcoming. The efforts put into making great quality music audios and videos are massive; it literally takes a village! 

In a bid to recognize and appreciate these efforts, awards are organized and awarded to deserving talents, based on different award patterns (i.e fan votes, panel, e,t,c). 

What is a Music Award?

A Music Award is an award/prize given to celebrate distinction or uniqueness in music. Awards vary from country to country and may be restricted to certain music genres or specifications.

For example, the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) is a highly anticipated award in Nigeria. It is organized to honor outstanding achievements in Television and Film. 

One peculiarity of this award is that it is restricted to Africa alone. In the same vein, some other awards may be restricted by territories and contents.

This article however focuses on the most popular awards in the world. 

What is the Most Popular Award in the World?

The Grammys- The Grammy Awards is the most popular music award across the globe. It features talents from every country and is highly anticipated all over the world. We will see more about the Grammys later in this article.  

Top 10 Most Popular Music Awards in the World

The list below shows the top 10 most popular music awards in the world.

10. NME Awards

9. CMA Awards

8. American Music Award

7. World Music Award

6. International Classical Music Award

5. BET Awards

4. Billboard Music Awards

3. MTV Video Music Award 

2. BRIT Awards

1. Grammy Awards