Gospel: 25 Tips for Teaching your Child How to Pray - Africaflavour 

  1. Make out time daily to pray as a Christian family.
  2. Pray with your Newborn child even though they don’t understand what prayer means.
  3. Invite and talk to Christian grandparents to assist you in raising your children spiritually.
  4. Make prayer a top priority in your Christian home. Let your children know the importance of prayer to their life.
  5. Let your children know the importance of praying for those Christian home who live in poverty.
  6. Let your children know the importance of parenting and what it means to you.
  7. Tell your children how you prayed fervently to have them in your life. 
  8. For the younger kids, make prayer time simple and short.
  9. Let your kids know that prayer time is a time to be serious and seek God’s guidance.
  10. Let them know that God loves them, even when they make mistakes. Lead them in the prayer of forgiveness.
  11. Maturity takes faster phases in young children nowadays, first read and pray only from the Holy Bible. As they grow older in age add other prayer sources, such as contemporary authors, ancient Christian books, daily devotional books and Christian magazines. Mostly importantly include scriptures because your children need to know that the Bible is the source of prayer.
  12. Consistently talk about God to your children.
  13. If you have teenagers, let them know that praying often is very important. 
  14. Let your kids see you pray to God for forgiveness and also encourage them to do the same for their daily failures.
  15. Let your children know why you love God and why they should do the same.
  16. Work hard for perfection in your parenting let your child hear you pray for perfection. 
  17. Confess your mistake and wrongdoing before scripture reading and prayer. Encourage your children to confess and ask for forgiveness for hurtful actions and words they said to each other during the day.
  18. Some Christian parents fail in this area because of pride; always ask for forgiveness from your children if you know you have offended them. Then pray together about it.
  19. Talk about their salvation to them when they are still young. Pray together about their salvation.
  20. Let them know how you accepted Jesus Christ into your life.
  21. Let your children know the importance of calling God in different names e.g. Abba Father, Lion of the Tribe of Judah; tell what those names mean. 
  22. Encourage them to pray for God’s direction in their life. Pray together with them too.
  23. Consistently let your children know the good wishes you want for their future. Pray together to God for its accomplishment.
  24. Encourage your children to pray for God’s guidance and direction in life.
  25. During your routinely family devotional times talks about eternity and what it feels like to be a Christian. Let them know that Zoe life starts the day we accept Jesus Christ into our lives.

Study these tips and suggestions for teaching your kids to pray. Pick out Five tips and practice it in your Christian home.

A prayerful lifestyle is one of the best training you can give to your children. Day by day you have to struggle to get your children to know that prayer is all they need to fight against Satan and his negative vibes.