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Lifestyle: 5 most underrated cities in Nigeria (and why you shouldn't miss them) - Africaflavour

 Lifestyle: 5 most underrated cities in Nigeria (and why you shouldn't miss them) - Africaflavour 

Here are five cities that should be on your must-see list. 

1. Owerri

Owerri is the capital city of Imo State, and it's a bustling, cosmopolitan city that is growing rapidly. Owerri is full of culture, entertainment and commerce. It's also a place with history, but that doesn't mean it's lacking modern features.

If you're interested in art or museums (or if you want to buy yourself a really nice souvenir), there are plenty of galleries showcasing local artwork in Owerri.

There are also several shopping malls in Owerri; there's the Shoprite Owerri mall, Aladinma mall, House of Freeda shopping mall and many others.
And every night brings exciting opportunities for entertainment at local bars or clubs hosting live music shows from jazz or hip-hop to R&B or rap. 

2. Makurdi

Makurdi, the capital of Benue state, is more than just a city on the way to someplace else.

It's a captivating place worth visiting in its own right. Sure, it has fewer crowds, but that also means that it's more calm and has less traffic.

In Makurdi, the food alone will make you want to stay for days; if you like pepper, Benue state's catfish pepper soup is sure to become your new favourite meal.

If you like pork, you'll enjoy Makurdi even more.

Makurdi has supermarkets like Nobis, Togo's, and OG Winners Shopping Mall.

It also has great restaurants like Steam Fast, Ruthies, and Ark City. And then District 4 lounge, Lido night club, and Okiki lounge are just a few of the clubs and bars in the area. Makurdi is a fun place to be. 

3. Bauchi 

Bauchi is one of the most beautiful cities in the northeast region of Nigeria. It's the perfect place for anyone who loves nature and wants a laid back life.

Bauchi is located about two hours from Jos and it offers some of the most beautiful views in northern Nigeria. The popular Yankari National Park which is home to a diverse array of wildlife such as elephants, baboons, crocodiles and hippos - is located in Bauchi. Wikki springs is another sensational tourist attraction in Bauchi. 

4. Enugu

Enugu is known as "the coal city" because of its numerous coal deposits. However, Enugu has more to offer than just coal. As the capital of Enugu state, it's also a thriving university town that offers plenty of nightlife options and delectable cuisine.

Enugu is home to a number of cultural attractions; Ngwo Pine Forest which features several pine trees, a limestone cave and a waterfall, is located in Enugu. The National Museum of Unity which is home to statues and artifacts from different parts of the country - is also located in Enugu. 

5. Abakaliki

Abakaliki is another fantastic city to check out.

It's the capital of Ebonyi state, and it has excellent roads, steady electricity and an enjoyable nightlife. It's Nigeria's best kept secret.

Abakaliki is also a foodie's delight because the food there is very cheap, and when compared to other cities, the accommodation in Abakaliki is also very affordable. Abakaliki is a wonderful place to live because it's relatively stable and the people there are very friendly. 

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