Lifestyle: 5 oldest hotels in Africa and current booking prices 

Hotels play very integral roles in every economy. Besides the obvious fact that they are business concerns that provide job opportunities
pay taxes and contribute to the GDPs of nations, they also facilitate business activities by accommodating traveling professionals and serving as meeting venues for different business-related events such as conferences and seminars. 

With this in mind, we shall now focus on some of Africa's oldest hotels. It may surprise you to know that some of these hotels have been hosting guests for more than 200 years. Keep reading to see the hotels and the countries in which they are located.

It should be noted that this list is courtesy of an earlier compilation by Forbes. Business Insider Africa also consulted various hotel booking sites to establish each of these hotels' current rates per night.

1. Houw Hoek Hotel, South Africa

Situated at the heart of the popular Kogelberg Nature Reserve in South Africa, the Houw Hoek Hotel is 80 kilometers away from Cape Town. It has been around since 1779

And according to information available on its website, guests can choose from an array of 81 luxury en-suited rooms. 

2. Hotel Continental, Morocco

Located in Tangier, Morocco, Hotel Continental was established in the year 1870. The picturesque views of olden day architecture and sprawling palm trees that guest get to enjoy are some of the hotel's selling points.

According to information available on the hotel's website, guests get to enjoy free wifi and free breakfast.

Rates per room starts from $48, as per 

3. Marriot Mena House, Egypt 

Established in 1886, the Marriot Mena House is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Cairo, Egypt. Much like the Hotel Continental, this old Egyptian hotel also has a scenic North African ambience, surrounded by palm trees and clear blue skies.

On its website, the hotel lists outdoor pool, restaurant, fitness centre, spa among others as some of the main services it offers. You may enjoy all the luxury offered by Marriot Mena House for just $282 per night, according to 

4. Hotel El Djazair, Algeria

This historical hotel was established in Algiers back in 1889 and modelled after Victoria-era architecture.

It is rated as a 5-star hotel and its exotic rooms costs about $174 per night, according to

On its website, the company lists the following side attractions: onsite massages, body treatments, an outdoor tennis court,

a nightclub, a sauna and complimentary wireless internet access, etc. 

5. Grand Holiday Villa Hotel, Sudan

The Grand Holiday Villa Hotel has been in existence since 1890. It is located in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, and offers various services besides accommodation. Some of these services are gym, sauna, meeting facilities, a business centre, barber shop, etc.

The rooms at the Grand Holiday Villa Hotel are in different categories and thus come with different prices. These categories are single, deluxe and executive and rates can be as high as $272 per night. 

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