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New Music: Attractive - Robindo Robinson

New Music: Attractive - Robindo Robinson 

Robindo Robinson is a spectacular Nigerian musician and songwriter whose Afrocentric vocal style and lyrical content distinguish him from the gospel and contemporary music masses.

Attractive - Robindo Robinson

 Attractive - Robindo Robinson, The greatest desire & joy of every heart that genuinely  loves is to be loved back same. Thus, it hurts deeply when the love you give is not appreciated and reciprocated, it could  feel so hurt too when people underrate what you feel for them.

 ATTRACTIVE sets to draw attention to these facts that can emotionally ruin a silent abused lover whose voice can't be heard wailing, trusting any one can be a victim.

The well cooked sound made by an outstanding producer “ Kemzy Kem “ has got lots of innate feelings that appreciate “ Love “.

Coming from the stable of an Akwa Ibom Based Afro Boss, he went cool on this tune as he made a good mixture of his Dialect “ Ibibio”

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