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Amazon Raises Affiliate Commission Rates - Africaflavour

 Amazon Raises Affiliate Commission Rates - Africaflavour 

Amazon announces a limited time increase in commission rates. How does it compare to pre-Covid commission percentages? 

Amazon announced that they are raising commissions on a small group of product categories for a limited time.

 The new higher payout rates arrives two years after Amazon lowered fees during the Covid pandemic as consumers switched to buying more items online. 

 Although the new rates are higher, some of the product categories are still several percentage points below pre-Covid affiliate commission rates.

Below is a list of how the new rates compare.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon pays commissions to affiliate publishers who refer visitors that convert into sales.

Amazon is a trusted brand name and that (in the past) made Amazon a good affiliate partner to work with because a motivated referral had a higher rate of conversion at Amazon than it did being referred to a brand that is less well known and trusted.

That popularity changed in April 2020 as the pandemic changed how consumers purchased products and began buying directly from Amazon in order to comply with a lockdown and to avoid venturing out of the home, catching Covid and perishing.

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